How To Block A Security Camera?

A security camera is an important thing for a security system. There’s a security system that helps you and your family feel safer at home and away. But no one is good at trusting a safety system that can be blocked easily.

Also, other security cameras can disrupt your privacy. So, you have noticed your neighbors have security cameras and those point at your property and you think this is some kind of a privacy violation. After all, you want to know how to block security cameras or how to block a neighbor’s security camera. This article is for you.

How To Block A Security Camera

You probably need to know before you take drastic measures that CCTV security cameras are shrouded in complex legal problems and regulations. It’s not easy to handle, and blocking the camera of the neighbor could make you serious.

So, how are we solving this issue? Will we turn to our lawyers immediately or will we break out the camera’s laser pointers?

Let’s go to the topic of how to block a neighbor’s security camera.

How To Block Your Neighbor’s Security Camera

1. Get Some Cameras For Security On Your Property

It is best to serve them using the same treatment if your neighbor is pointing a camera at you. Get a camera and install it on your property to prevent spying on you.  With the laws for residential security cameras, you can legally install safety cameras on your property and they can do nothing about it to you.

When you purchase a camera, you can consider several companies. You can use the internet with your smartphone to do the job if you want to purchase your camera without leaving your house. Here is a list of the best security cameras on Amazon.

2. Verify The Camera If It Is Real Or Fake

The next thing to do is to determine if the camera your neighbor is pointing to you is real when working on block security cameras of neighbors. Many people use fake cameras to play a prank to get a laugh. Now, it isn’t funny, but it’s happening.

Fake cameras are also one of the best ways of stopping and frightening thieves. It is a very economic and intelligent way to protect your property. It works as a preventer. Know more on how to spot a fake security camera?

When you see the security camera of your next-door at night, you can quickly tell whether it is real or fake. If you see infrared visible light, the camera is real. If not, you can evaluate it by seeing if cables are connected to the camera or not.

3. Blind The Camera

To blind neighbor’s security camera also offers another way out of this situation. You can do this by pointing something at the camera laser or sneaking into your property physically to block the camera.

Laser light is best used for this method. In the window, put a laser and point the camera. This breaks the feed of the camera and may make your neighbor believe that the camera is defective. This can be done several times until your neighbors are tired of switching.

4. Hack The Live Camera

By hacking the camera network, you can temporarily shut down your neighbor’s camera. If you don’t know about Wi-Fi hacking, it won’t be comfortable. However, different methods are available for hacking and blocking cameras on the internet. It will help to find the perfect Wi-Fi hacking method if you do something more.

5. Converse With Your Neighbor

Yes, we know that you’re not going to like it, but to clear the mess of that bitter pill you have to swallow. It is the easiest way to recover your confidentiality. 

First, please talk to them and let them know that their camera disrupts your privacy. Request them to point the camera in another direction, and interfere with legal action against them if they don’t agree. This ought to be the trick. But if not, go to the following next tip.

6. Contact Police Or Your lawyer

If your spying neighbor fails to understand your request to move the camera to a new angle, and the safety camera jammers won’t do the job, you might have to talk to the police. 

First, ensure a clear view of the interior of your home from the camera. If so, by speaking to the police or a reputable lawyer, you could file suit your neighbor for an invasion of privacy. You have to do this the difficult way to sort things out when you don’t have justice the easy way. 

7. Purchase A Camera Jammer Device

If you believe that it is impossible to check your neighbor’s security camera, buying and using a security camera jammer is another helpful step. The security jammer tool can be helpful when jamming security cameras can clear this awful situation.

Before moving the jammer to the surveillance camera, note the distance between the camera jammer. This is a small device that lets you quickly stop recording a camera.

Camera jammers for surveillance are lightweight and portable. Anywhere in your pocket, you can carry them. This disrupts the signals and the camera recording so you can keep your personal privacy as much as you like. 

Sadly, cable jammers are not available. So instead, you can try the laser method. You can also block the camera with anti-spy-proof security devices, such as a bug sensor. For most camera jammers, the cam jam distance is usually 10 meters.

8. Plant A Tall Trees To Block The View Of Security Cameras

Another excellent strategy is to plant large or growing trees where the monitoring photograph points in order to block security cameras for neighbors. You can also cover the monitoring camera using shadows or curtains. The privacy barriers shade sails or curtains in bamboo are also useful tools in this respect.

9. Call A Community Mediator For Help

Many are upset by their weird spying neighbors. If you are one, you can solve problems by seeking the help of a mediator in the community. This is a key step in order to prevent any drastic action.

In your local community service or community mediation center, you can find a mediator. Just explain and handle your situation properly. Community mediators usually organize neighboring mediation and act as third parties to resolve any outstanding issues such as misrepresented security cameras in disputes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

“Yes” is the short and unpleasant answer. Your neighbor can show your property and yard through a security camera. But, only in the following scenarios.

In essence, it depends completely on three things: why, how, and what, the legality of having your property monitored by your next-door security camera. Just put, why he pointed the camera directly to your property, how it’s used and what your neighbor is doing.

You’re free to file charges and start proceedings anyway, but it can burn a pocket and burn a hole in your neighbor’s community. This should therefore only be regarded as a last resort.

Cutting of cables on monitoring cameras is considered ‘malicious property destruction. This is flagrantly apparent. It is not ordinary to jam or manipulate a CCTV camera wired. Pulling it out is dangerous and nearly impossible.

How Can Blind A Security Cameras With LEDs?

A flashlight or an LED can be used to disable the security camera of your neighbor. However, it’s much harder than that. You should hold the light into the lens of the camera. Even if you did, it would take a very long time for you to hold the infrared beam.

How Can Blind A Security Cameras With A Laser Pointer?

A laser point or an infrared laser may cause serious damage to your neighbor’s CCTV cam. There is no way you can’t be seen by the camera while trying. At all costs, prevent this method.

Can  A Security Camera Work Through A window?

The answer is yes. Motion sensor security cameras (which can compute changes in the pixel) still detect and record movement in glass or glass windows.


The installation of security cameras on public streets is becoming increasingly common and cameras were standard equipment for long periods in banks, supermarkets, and homes.

However, when a neighbor violates your privacy, this is unacceptable. The steps to block the security cameras of neighbors highlighted above are useful at this point. Experience each method and hopefully at least one works for you, and you learned how to block a security camera.

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