How to Connect Bluetooth Selfie Stick to Android & iPhone

When you want to take a picture of yourself with your friends hanging out without having to call a stranger, nothing better works other than using a selfie stick. Almost all the time a timely click from the selfie stick can make memories that last for a lifetime.

A selfie stick is such a tool that can be connected to any mobile with utmost ease. You can take all kinds of photos with it including portraits, landscapes, etc. It makes taking selfies virtually painless since no one has to worry about going out of the frame.

How to Connect Bluetooth Selfie Stick to Android

Sometimes, however, connecting a selfie stick can be troublesome. That’s why in this article we’ll discuss connecting a selfie stick to your phone in the easiest possible way.

6 Steps to Connect Bluetooth Selfie Stick With Android Phone

As you know there are multiple selfie stick types out there based on connectivity with the phone and power. Some selfie sticks are connected via Bluetooth and others via USB cable. Here, we’ll discuss Bluetooth connectivity.

Connecting the selfie stick via Bluetooth with the phone involves some easy processes:

Step 1 – Charge Your Monopod Selfie Stick

Make sure your selfie stick has enough charge in it. If the selfie stick is newly bought, chances are it isn’t charged at all. So before using it you need to charge it enough so that you can use it for dozens of clicks.

The selfie stick box will come with a charger itself or the charging port will be removable with a USB port. Either way, you can charge it via your computer or stick it to a mobile charger.

It could take half an hour to an hour to charge a selfie stick fully.

Step 2 – Attach the phone

How do you attach a phone to a Selfie Stick? Well, the process is fairly easy. Just place your phone at the end of the selfie stick where there is a holder with a clamp. Make sure that the clamp is firm between the top and bottom sections of the phone.

You want the stick to hold on to your camera tightly but not too light, or else your phone could bruise or break.

Step 3 – Connect the phone

This is the crucial part where the selfie sticks sometimes make a mess. Sometimes, you try and try but the stick doesn’t connect to your phone. This makes you wonder, are selfie sticks compatible with all phones? If yes, then why doesn’t my phone connect? This is where we bring the solution to you.

Step 4 – Turn on the stick

There is an ‘on’ button on the selfie stick which should be pressed to turn the Bluetooth of the stick on. However, this can differ significantly between models. Sometimes, there is only one switch for everything. You need to click it on.

Step 5 – Turn on the Bluetooth

Now turn on the Bluetooth option of your phone. Make sure your device is visible by pressing the “Make device visible” option. Press the selfie stick Bluetooth option that appears on the screen.

If it is the first time connecting the phone with the stick, it will want to pair. Your phone will show an option to pair with the new Bluetooth device and you have to choose the option “pair”.

Step 6 – Take awesome selfies

Once you’ve paired it with the stick it is ready to take your photos. Just hold the stick at a distance from your face and click on the button after you’ve turned on the camera.

How to Connect Bluetooth Selfie Stick To iPhone

Connecting a Bluetooth selfie stick to an iPhone is as easy as connecting with an Android device. You can follow these 3 steps to connect your iPhone with a Bluetooth selfie stick.

Step 1 – Just turn on the Bluetooth mode of the stick and do the same for your iPhone.

Step 2 – Check the available devices on the screen and you’ll find your selfie stick name there.

Step 3 – Tap the selfie stick name to connect with it and take photos.

Selfie photo

How does a wired Selfie Stick work?

Wired selfie stick doesn’t have Bluetooth featuring them. Instead, they have a small wire towards the head of the stick that needs to be connected to the phone you’re taking selfies with.

Using a wired selfie stick follows the same process of a Bluetooth stick in you have to stick the phone to the stick’s head tightly. Next, take the wire and plug its headphone jack into the phone. This will connect the stick with the phone automatically.

When you click a picture the button sends a volume-up trigger signal to the device through this wire which takes the shot on the camera. In this way, just pressing the button on the stick will take photos and no Bluetooth connectivity is needed for this.

Do selfie sticks need batteries?

Some selfie sticks use batteries both rechargeable and non-rechargeable. They can be used by changing the batteries or by charging them. All Bluetooth selfie sticks have batteries in them and they’re usually Lithium 2025 batteries.

Sometimes the non-rechargeable selfie sticks use simple AA-sized batteries that you need to change from time to time.

The battery of the selfie stick usually is located towards the handle under the button.

How do you charge a selfie stick remote?

Some selfie sticks do come with remotes with a button that lets you take the shot even without holding the stick. It so happens that when too many friends are there taking the photo the remote tends to be on someone else’s hand. He/she can take the shot from distance.

The remote of the selfie stick needs to be charged. If it uses a rechargeable battery, chances are you can charge it via your phone charger easily through the USB port. Other times the stick comes with its charger as well.

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Not Working!

You may not be able to connect your Android device to the selfie stick if you have done any of the following:

1. It appears that the Bluetooth of the device or camera has been turned off. If your Bluetooth system is not working, you cannot connect with the selfie stick.

2. The Bluetooth of the stick is disabled. Regardless of how hard you try, you will not be able to link your smartphone to the selfie stick if the Bluetooth is not enabled.

3. The Bluetooth system version of the phone and selfie are not fully compatible with each other. Check to see if the Bluetooth version of the selfie stick supports the device.

4. You have used your selfie stick with another device attached to it. If your Bluetooth stick is already connected somewhere else, you can’t add another one to the selfie stick.

5. Maybe the battery of the selfie stick is down. You might have to recharge the selfie stick to be able to use it again.

6. In some of the selfie stick models you have to enable the stick first by pressing the mode button. This lets the stick connect with the phone.

If The Selfie Stick is Connected But Not Working?

Even after all this checking, your selfie stick doesn’t work then maybe your selfie stick is from a low-quality manufacturer. When you buy a substandard product, they tend to break down when you need them the most. You could end up with this issue if you buy low-quality goods at a low price.

What if the selfie sticks Bluetooth remote not working?

This requires that you follow the same process as described before in the “Bluetooth selfie stick not working” section.

Chances are that the remote doesn’t have enough charge or it might have not connected to the phone yet. You could recharge the remove and try to reconnect it with the phone’s Bluetooth to check.

Final Words

We’ve explained in detail the process of connecting and other important questions as well. Hopefully, you’ve been able to connect the selfie stick to the phone easily this time.

The photograph that you have envisioned is now becoming a reality. All you need to do is set up your Bluetooth selfie stick for the perfect snap.

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