How To Hide Security Camera Wires Outside

Our best solution is to keep our properties monitored by security cameras. Security cameras have become a must-have and an excellent addition to any home, office, or environment. They work very well because we don’t have to stay overnight to guard the property. It is the best way to monitor the property and to prevent intruders.

It is best to record all and in cases of accidents, theft, conferences, etc. However, since burglars are aware, they can find and destroy security cameras. We will instruct you on how to hide safety cameras cables outdoors to keep them invisible.

How To Hide Security Camera Wires Outside

It’s also a great way to keep an eye on everything that happens when you’re not home or your place. You may also access live security feeds on laptops and cellular phones that display cameras’ real-time footage. The outdoor security cameras record the images and also have options for replay, which can be maintained for months. Some systems even benefit from facial recognition for monitoring set-ups.

8 Easy Methods To Hide Security Camera Wires Outside

Method 1: Paint The Security Camera Cables

Paint The Security Camera Cables

This is one of the simplest and most effective methods for keeping the security camera wires safe from the outside. Clip the wire carefully to prevent it from mingling or tangling. Shade with the same color as the wall in the background. This is the best way of increasing security and making it look good and safe from the eye of the intruder.

Now, even the flat power cables for the cameras can be flipped along the wall, and invisibility in the eye when shaded to match the wall.

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Method 2: Cover The Wires Within The Baseboards

Cover The Wires Within The Baseboards
Cover The Wires Within The Baseboards

The narrow wooden boards that run along the bottom of the wall are known as baseboards. If you have enough doorways in your house, this method is especially simple to use.

Between the wall and the floor, just simply remove the baseboards and angle the cables in the gap between the wall and the floor. Then, ensure that the cables and the baseboards are in place.
First, plan the wire route and fix the hanging wires with binding clips, like the bookshelves, behind the next parts.

Method 3: Hide Them Inside The Plastic Tubes

Hide Them Inside The Plastic Tubes
Hide Them Inside The Plastic Tubes

The cable is also fed into a plastic tube by walls to help hide the security camera wires outside. Also,  the plastic tubes protect the cables also against severe harsh weather conditions and external damage.

This method includes drilling and threading the tube, which can be complex unless you are a technologically skilled man. If you find that it does not go far with your ability, contact an experienced installer.

Also, unless you seek professional assistance, the wires will be nearly inaccessible in the event of a power failure or power outlet.

Method 4: Hide The Cables Inside Your Plant Or Yard Or Garden

Here is another option for burying the cable, which involves a lot of work. There will be no mess thereafter. This makes it easy to bury and hide the cables over long periods. The best approach is to have the cables buried during construction.

Method 5: Make A Cable Run Through The Building

This is a process that needs to be followed by professionals. A cable must be built around the house or the structure with the aid of plastic pipes. Mounting for cameras and other related systems can also be provided. The security system is very easy to set up in the completion phase of the structure. The cable passes through this system, which ensures that the cables are threatened by external forces and are also hidden.

Method 6: Use Conduits To Route Cables

The cable passage via the pipes protects the safety of rats and electrical dangers. This is one of the most professional techniques of defending the mice even for pros. It is a whole operation in which cables must be supplied via plastic pipes and covers. At first, the setups look hard to execute, but after it starts, you go with the flow to complete the procedure.

Method 7: Buy A Wireless Security Camera System

A wireless security camera is an easy method to do rid of wires. Such wire-free security cameras are either battery-packed or solar-powered. The camera can be mounted easily and powered up effortlessly in any convenient place you like. You can easily connect wireless cameras to the hub and it is very easy to set up.

Wireless cameras are, no doubt, more costly than wired cameras. But they are affordable to purchase over time. In addition, it is also worth buying them because they reduce the effort to run the cable through the home to cover them.

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Method 8: Mark The Mounting Point & Hanging Along The Wires

In order to keep the wires from the intruders’ sight. By attaching different ornamental hangings or pieces along the wires you can hide the wires. This shows the hangings at the first glance instead of wires and protects the camera’s display from show up.

Different Types Of Security Cameras & Their Benifits

  • Thermal Security Camera: Thermal Security Camera can detect smoke, fog, haze, animals, and people.
  • Wide Security Dynamic Camera: It makes shots crisp and clear.
  • Wireless IP Camera: In any situation, a wireless IP camera can deliver clear images
  • PTZ Security Camera: They can show you a wide area and also can track movement.
  • Dome Camera: A dome camera is a good choice for secure property. The camera can give you proper security.
  • Box Camera: Box types camera allows you to customize the lens of the camera.
  • Bullet Security Camera: For Low-light security, a bullet security camera is a perfect example.
  • IP Security Camera: If you want a better security management system, an IP security camera is for you.


Just like the name, a security camera helps improve your property’s security in your home or business location. So don’t allow it to expose to outsiders. Because it will be the city burglars’ first place of interest. 

However, in the article, we share information on how safety camera wires can be hidden outside the building.

This is a very important step in terms of overall performance since it helps to avoid weather damage. And it ensures that your building and its compound look sound without dangling wires or a fantastic color mix.

By following the above ways, you can easily hide your safety wires. It is good to hire a professional for the installation and is also highly advisable.

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