About Us

I’m Steven Gregory, a professional wildlife and landscape photographer. As a guy born in the early eighties, my real passion lies with nature and its beauty. In my teen years, I always tried to capture nature through my camera. Later I combined my passion with my profession to stand where I am now.

I studied photography while attending UC Santa Barbara and later I have lived and worked literally from North to South of my country and beyond. In my professional life till now, I’ve had the opportunity to visit the most remote places in several countries combining with conservation and tourism projects.

My experience with the photography industry of over two decades has taught me the value of improving the relationship between society and nature. That’s why I describe my photography as an honest, intimate, and sincere depiction of mother nature.

My career in this line has taught me so much. And as an avid reader, I try to write my feelings, experiences, and ideas about photography in different blogs.

During my free time, I also collect vintage comics and own some of the copies which only a few people have in the world.