How To Camouflage A Security Camera: Indoor & Outdoor

Installing a security camera in plain sight is the most effective way to deter criminal activity. However, you may believe that you need to hide your security camera in order to observe people’s real behavior.

Fortunately, there are many security cameras that are designed to be hidden. In this article, we will guide you on how to camouflage a security camera.

How To Camouflage A Security Camera

7 Creative Ways To Camouflage Your Indoor Security Camera

There are so many methods for hiding indoor security cameras. The given methods will help you to camouflage your security camera indoors.

Method 1: Camouflage Your Security Camera Inside A Potted Plant

Potted plants are a common way to decorate a home. It’s good news. For all you plant lovers, hiding a security camera just got a whole lot easier. You can hide some security cameras with the help of your green friends.

Camouflage Your Security Camera Inside A Potted Plant
  • You can place your security camera on top of a pot of soil in your home.
  • Assemble the lower leaves in such a way that the camera is hidden from view.
  • Leave some space between the leaves for the camera’s lens to peek through. At least cover 80% of the camera body.
  • Alternatively, you could place the pot in front of a power outlet to hide the wire. It’s not very covert to have a cable growing out of plants. This is especially useful if you have a wireless security camera.

This method is very easy to use. A potted plant can be placed in any room of the house. If you want to cover a security camera with your plant, make sure the leaves are large enough.

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Method 2: Camouflage Your Security Camera Inside A Stuffed Toy

In your child’s room, hide the camera inside a stuffed toy. This is a very sneaky and smart way to hide your security camera.  If you think that this is a bit spooky, you’re probably wrong.

Camouflage Your Security Camera Inside A Stuffed Toy
  • Find an old, unattractive stuffed toy, such as a teddy bear.
  • Then, using a pair of scissors, cut the poor old thing open from the back.
  • If the toy is too full, remove enough stuffing to fit the camera as well as remove one of its eyes.
  • Place the camera inside the toy so that the lens is visible through the eyehole. It will allow you to take pictures.
  • Reinsert the torn-up area by stitching it back together again. As long as the USB port is visible, you can charge the camera at a later stage.
  • You should keep the toy out of your baby’s reach, such as on a shelf.

Some of you may think that your nightmares from watching scary toy movies have become reality. If you’re going to pull this off, it’s going to take some time and effort.  It is a foolproof way to spy on your baby’s caretaker and to spy on your baby when you are away.

Method 3: Camouflage Your Security Camera By Using Mini USB

Is a security camera better? A Security Camera that does not look like a camera. It acts as a charger. Mini USB camera captures all you need to see, very covertly. But it’s not a toy.

It is not necessary to be creative or to do anything of that nature. It’ll start working as soon as you plug the charger into a power outlet. Using the USB port, you can also charge your phone. No one will suspect the innocent charger in the corner of a room, going about its minding business.

Devices that don’t look like a camera can be excellent spy cameras if you use them properly. No one will ever notice them, let alone touch them. A smart investment, therefore.

Method 4: Camouflage Your Security Camera Inside A Tissue Box

You can use this sneaky technique to hide your security camera:

  • Get yourself tall, dark-colored shorts of a tissue box.
  • You will need to drill or punch a small hole where the lens of the camera is in the tissue box.
  • In the correct position, place the camera inside the tissue box.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to include a few tissues in the box in case someone asks.

A bedroom, a living room, or even a bathroom can benefit from this cool trick. No one will suspect you if you put a security camera box in the tissue box.

Method 5: Hide Your Security Camera Inside A Bookshelf

You’re in luck if you have a bookshelf in your living room. As a matter of fact, burglars aren’t likely to check out your collection of books. If they want to find more valuable items, they’ll probably want to look in your books. 

The top shelf of your bookshelf is the best place to put your camera. In the event that your camera is too small to fit between the books, try placing it on top of them. If your camera isn’t all white or another bright color, you can place it in front of the row of books. 

However, this would be too obvious. In the case of mini cameras or wireless cameras, the answer is no. As a bonus, the camera will remain hidden in the ceiling of your living room.

Method 6: Hide Your Security Camera On A High Place

Maybe, you don’t want to waste much time hiding your security camera.

As for the rest of you, we have a solution as well. Keeping security cameras out of sight is the golden rule when it comes to putting them in a hidden location. Cameras should be placed higher up in the house, where people are less likely to see them. 

Place the camera on a chandelier with a strong adhesive and stick it there. Place the camera, along with some other items, on top of a closet. Test it first to make sure the glare from the lights won’t affect the video quality. Place the camera inside an old smoke detector.

The lens should be placed on one of the vent openings. Securing the old smoke detector back to the ceiling is the final step in this project.

Method 7: Camouflage Your Security Camera With  Surrounding Objects

It’s been around for a long time for humans and animals to use camouflaging. Disguise your camera and no one will ever notice it again.

Look for areas in your room where a lot of similar objects are grouped together. On a dressing table with a lot of cosmetics, these could be the decorative pieces in your living room.

In the next step, place your camera between the two objects to be camouflaged.  Assemble similar-sized and -colored items to create a seamless background. Black-colored cameras should be placed between cosmetics that also have black packaging. 

As long as it’s white, place it in your living room between other white decorative pieces. So, the camera won’t draw attention to itself, and it won’t attract unwanted attention.

8 Method To Camouflage Your Security Camera Outside

It’s a great idea to install an outdoor security camera to keep an eye on your property when you aren’t around. You can deter crime by making your security camera visible. Your camera may need to be hidden if you’re worried that someone will steal it or damage it.

Method 1: Set Up Two Camreas

It’s up to you whether or not to hide your camera. As a result, if your goal is to deter theft or vandalism, you may want to keep your camera in plain sight. Potential criminals could be scared away before they cause harm to you or your property with a camera that is highly visible.

As soon as they see a camera, they’ll know that someone is watching them. It’s possible to have two cameras—one highly visible decoy, and another well-hidden camera that a thief would never suspect.

Method 2: Put Your Camera in A Birdhouse

Birdhouses and bird feeders are great places to put your camera. Face the lens of your security camera away from the birdhouse or feeder’s small opening. The feeder or house should be pointed in the direction you want to monitor.

Method 3: Use A bush or A Tree

A bush or a tree is an excellent place to hide your camera. Thick leaves and shrubbery can hide a security camera’s appearance. Check your camera’s video feed after you’ve placed it inside a bush or tree to make sure the lens isn’t blocked.

Method 4: Use Fake Rock or Garden Gnome

A fake rock or garden gnome can be a good option to hide your camera. Use your imagination. Hollowed-out garden gnomes and rocks are available online. As big as the lens on your camera, use a drill bit to make a hole in the decoy rock or garden statue.

As a result, you can place your camera inside the decoy while its lens is pointing straight out of its hole. If you have a clay pot, you can also place the camera inside of it. Using electrical tape, attach the camera to the inside of the object.

Method 5: Use Camera That Look Like Other Object

Be creative and buy a spy camera that looks like an old light fixture or an antique doorbell. Cameras that look like a light or a doorbell are available.  Look online, you can find security or spy camera lights or lamps.

Method 6: Put Your Camera On Mailbox

Set up your digital camera in your mailbox. If you have a mailbox or post, you can hide a camera inside the mailbox or post. This will allow the video camera to record what’s going on outside the mailbox.

Method 7: Use A PVC pipe

Hide the wires on a wired camera using a PVC pipe. The placement of your camera will be obvious to others if the wires leading up to it are left exposed or visible. A security camera with wires requires you to dig a trench in which you can bury the PVC pipe.

To hide the wires from an elevated camera, install a metal conduit or PVC pipe. Here we have special article on how to run security camera wires through soffit?

Method 8: Use Fake Camera

The fake camera will distract people from your real camera. In hardware stores or online, you can purchase a “dummy” or “fake” surveillance camera.

A visible deterrent, these will draw attention away from your actual security cameras and serve as a visual deterrent. Your decoy could protect your property, too, because keeping a camera visible is likely to deter crime before it occurs.

Necessity Of Camouflage Your Security Camera

In the first place, why would you want to hide your security camera? By leaving the camera in plain sight, shouldn’t the burglars know that you are watching them? Wrong. Unknown to the public, security cameras work best when they are hidden.

Security Camera Can Be Disabled

It seems as if almost everyone has some sort of security system installed in their home. In the same way that homes are becoming more intelligent, so are thieves. This is why the first thing they’d do is turn off the security cameras in your house.

You should hide your security camera. Thieves will think that your home is naive and unknowledgeable. In reality, however, you’ll know exactly who’s behind your back. In addition, your security cameras will be protected from damage.

Suspicious Behavior From Stranger Or Caretaker

In what ways does the new caretaker treat your children in the shadows, without your knowledge or permission? The security camera will confirm that. Unless the caretaker knows you are watching him or her, how can you be sure of the truth?

A person’s behavior will change if they know a camera is watching them. You’ll learn a lot about your housekeeper or cleaner by hiding your security camera.

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