What Is Fine Art Wedding Photography?

In your life, a wedding is one of the most magical, eventful, and beautiful events that you will ever experience. An emotional celebration of love and commitment. In the future, wedding photographers will be tasked with capturing memories of the festivities. As a result, the question “What is fine art wedding photography?” arises. Lots of fine art photographers use this term to describe their style and/or their work. Let’s discuss it.

It’s sometimes best to think outside the box when trying to capture such a day. Fine art wedding photography fills this void for those who want to tell a more complete story about their wedding day through their photographs.

Honestly, I thought fine art wedding photography was a pretentious term that some photographers used to make themselves appear more high-end than other photographers. But I was proven wrong.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who specializes in fine art photography, then you’ve come to the right place. Most wedding photographers today, in my opinion, fall under the fine art wedding photographer umbrella! Most wedding photographers could be classified as fine art wedding photographers. Yes, there are pure photojournalists out there who adhere to that art form.

What Are Fine Art And Fine Art Photography?

Fine Art And Fine Art Photography
Fine Art And Fine Art Photography

Fine art’s definition is a hotly debated topic in the art world. What is its essence? Fine art is one of those things that you know when you see it, but you can’t quite explain why. 

‘Fine Art Photography is a term borrowed from the world of true ‘fine art’, in which fine art portraits, paintings, and other artworks are created with great care and attention. 

That’s why fine art photography has adopted these traits to imply as a result that it exhibits the same level of detail, care, and attention. Fine art photography, like fine art, is exclusive and luxurious. 

Fine art is a step up from documentary art in terms of artistic status. Instead of simply capturing what is in front of you, the images should have artistic intent.

Fine art is as much about the photographer as it is about the subject. It goes beyond simply capturing the subject in a photograph. In doing so, it expresses the emotion and feeling that underlies everything.

What Is The Relationship Between Fine Art And Wedding Photographs?

Wedding photography benefits greatly from the addition of fine art. Think of a wedding as a grand romantic story. Capturing a more artistic side of this already visually captivating endeavor is easy. Thanks to the beautiful decor and fairytale dance.

There’s a big missing piece in wedding planning when it comes to fine art photography. Not just a record of the event, fine art wedding photographers capture images meant to be appreciated as art.

There is a great deal of planning that goes into many fine art wedding photographs. Photographers often use lenses that are very soft and creamy, giving their work an almost whimsical quality. After a long day, it is the emotion that lasts.

And not everyone has a traditional wedding, which is another factor. Photojournalistic coverage of non-traditional weddings isn’t always feasible. More artistic clients tend to have a better time on their wedding day.

How To Become A Fine Art Wedding Photographer?

How To Become A Fine Art Wedding Photographer
How To Become A Fine Art Wedding Photographer

As soon as you press the shutter release button to capture an image, you are choosing to record that image in a way that you deem appropriate, from your own perspective. A fine art painter chooses the angle from which to paint their subject, just as you do when you take a picture.

A photographer is an artist, and a fine art photographer is one who practices the fine art of photography. It’s also possible to work with a bride or even just her dress to capture tiny details if you prefer street photography over intimate, lovely shots.

As opposed to someone who likes to take their time, pause, and style their images, you prefer to capture everything as it happens. However, you may prefer a different approach, one that focuses on your own personal taste and what works best for you. 

If you want to become a fine art photographer, you have to follow some tips.

6 Tips To Become A Fine Art Photographer

Details Shots Are Extremely Important

Fine art wedding photography is all about the details. Small details can be brought to life by lenses.
Every story is held together by its details, which act like glue. It’s not uncommon for weddings to be filled with beautiful, subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle details in their decor, attire, and presentation. 

From the cakes to the silverware, make sure to capture all the details. Check out different angles and macro effects, zooming in on the intricate details of laces and flowers. 

Focus on composition and framing and don’t be afraid to pose your details a bit. Photographs are judged by their composition, which is the arrangement of elements within a frame.

Still, life is a common subject for detail shots, as are macro shots. Lensbaby, for example, makes manual focus effects lenses that are well worth checking out. A unique and new touch can be added to the photographs with these.

Be Creative

A fine art photographer’s ability to think outside the box sets them apart from other photographers in the field.

Our identity as human beings has a direct bearing on our ability to be creative. In all of the images you take, let your personality shine through. Make cool effects by shooting through a prism or a crystal ball. As the shutter clicks, creative thinking continues. This process continues in the editing room as well as in the field. When editing, don’t be afraid to add effects or alter colors. This is a sure way to improve your image rather than damage it.

Let Your Personality Shine

Not only does your personality affect your image, but so does your body language. It’s the personality of your bride, groom, and their wedding party that matters most to us.

Fine art photography allows us to tell stories about the images in greater detail than standard photography. Now, they’re more than just pictures – they tell a story. Your bridesmaids can jump in the air, and your groomsmen can run away and you can capture that moment.

Your clients will appreciate your guidance and suggestions for prompts that will bring out their true personalities, which you will provide. These are the most precious memories because of the smiles and quirkiness. Apart from that, it allows you to make sure the client has a positive and happy experience as a result of your work.

Discover The Story Through Your Photograph

This theme of fine art wedding photography is one that I keep returning to. That’s the entire basis of it all. In spite of this, you should still try to come up with a compelling narrative.

In a series of images, create the most spectacular novel you possibly can. That’s the main aspect of it all, after all. Storytelling is frequently comprised of deliberate compositions and a well-arranged photo order.

Try New Things And Expand Your Self

The day we cease to experiment as artists and stop challenging ourselves, we cease to be effective creators. Photographers must constantly seek ways to improve their craft with each photo session, each time they take out their cameras and lenses. We have a review article on best camera for fashion blogging.

As a result, fine art photography allows for more experimentation and deeper exploration. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

How Can I Promote My Wedding Photography Business?

As previously mentioned, fine art wedding photography went through a phase in which it began to look very similar to other wedding photography types. Because we’re often so focused on what our clients want us to be and the images that they want. We forget that we have any artistic input at all, which is easy to understand.

Because we know it works, we direct the same shots and pose our clients the same way. Certain shots are in demand, and people may even ask for them. You will start to feel like your own ‘brand’. 

As a photographer, it’s easy to fall into the trap of going through the motions in an effort to please our clients. Even though you may still enjoy looking at the images that result from this process after some time, your creativity and passion begin to fade away. Expand your creativity if you want to become a fine art photographer who enjoys their work.

How To Develop A Unique Style Wedding Photography?

I want to become a fine art wedding photographer who is easy to recommend and who has a steady stream of customers. This is due to the fact that your style speaks for itself, so you don’t need to do anything. 

Being yourself is the only way to become known and reach that point. Your own personal style and voice. That is the difference between a good and a great fine art photographer. To take that shot, you must trust your inner voice and use your creativity.

If the shot works and is original, crop the head off to capture the bouquet in all its glory. Leave nothing else to be said other than that you are interested in or find beautiful in the ribbons trailing around a bride’s back if that is what you notice and find interesting. Shoot anything that catches your attention.

Whether you think the client will like it or not, chances are they will if it is part of their wedding memory. Some of my clients’ favorite shots have been ones where I worried, they really aren’t going to get this. After years of relying on one style of shooting, it becomes difficult to take the risks that got you to where you are.


Who you are as a person is best represented by fine art. It also creates lasting memories. Because it’s fun, beautiful, rich in history and authenticity, and can increase your profits while saving you time, shooting in the fine art style is a great idea.

When shooting fine art, you will become a better photographer; you will become unique; and your voice will be different from that of other photographers who use the same Lightroom/Photoshop actions, cameras, and perspectives.

Shooting film is an option for many fine art photographers who want to be a part of photography’s rich history. Clients will seek you out as your style develops and your perspective becomes more distinct over time. Fearlessly experiment with effects lenses and angles that you might not have otherwise considered, and tell your story the way it deserves. Try your best and best of luck for you.

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